Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Can

It's a lie, to think that you're not worth anything. It's a lie, to think that you can't do anything. More than an inferiority complex, it's a lie for any girl to think that she's not beautiful. It's a lie for a guy to think that he's not handsome! Doesn't it seem that we live in a world of 'lies'? Whatever we are, we are the best and we just need to get out that best in ourselves and flaunt it to the world. Nothing that you have done in the past can be taken back nor can anything be corrected. We all have been through this, right guys? But, whatever is about to come, might not be completely in our hands, but surely we can stay ready. There is lots that people say to give you all a push to do what you intend to, like some would say, ask yourself, 'Why CAN'T I?' Why put a negation into the very much necessary push? But, isn't questioning yourself sorta futile!?! No offence to anyone who suggests that but isn't saying 'I can' to yourself better than anything else? What else would anyone need other than this, to take a jump start! Well, things do not end here. We always have to continue what we started, and only to feel achieved, when you see the light at the end of the tunnel! And hey, keep it realistic guys! Finding the cure to a so-called incurable disease, yes, it's realistic. But if you say that you conjure something up that would make humans immortal, until now, unrealistic! Let your dreams be endless people, turn those dreams into a reality!

                                               "I CAN is 100 times more important than IQ."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Staying Human....

The very essence of being human is having virtues like Compassion, Selflessness, to share feelings, to be

there for some one n all that.But in all honesty as we grow up we loose these connections with others n get more n more engrossed in our own little world to make more money, to be more successful, whatever catches one’s fancy....

Well that’s why I prefer to spend my time around kids. They love you no matter how you are, they don’t hold grudges, they won’t backstab you, and they would never ever judge you. Instead of them learning from us we should learn from

them – Learn to be kind, compassionate, sweet and just enjoy and laugh at what life shows us n try to make the best of it! Grow up but never loose the innocence that we had as kids so that we are better people than what we are! Love, Peace, Happiness and Family n loving Friends! Isn’t that all we need?

I’ll just conclude that I’d rather get mature but still stay a kid at heart.... Love with all my heart, Laugh like a lot! And enjoy what life throws at us Let’s enjoy that n throw it back like a wicked curve ball ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Lesson FROM A Kid

My mom is a teacher. She teaches Hindi and Marathi and takes tuitions at home. No doubt, she is an amazing teacher; she has got good students as well. One kid, who stands out from the rest is Trigya a.k.a Ric. He is a fourth grade kid, attends two tuitions where one of them is for the rest of the subjects other than Hindi and Marathi. And as he has both the tuitions sequentially lined up in his schedule, he leaves fifteen minutes early from my mom’s tuitions. As soon as he reaches home, he has a few snacks and then leaves for the other tuition which is just in the next building. So he used 2 get around ten minutes in between the two classes. As the building in which the next class is very close, Ric leaves at about five minutes to five-thirty. But as he reaches there, he’s already fifteen minutes late! The teacher shouts at him every day for the same reason. The other day, just as he was about to leave from my mom’s tuitions, he told us that the teacher shouts at him every day for being late.

 ‘So must be getting late because you watch television!’ my mom said.
‘No aunty! I leave my home for the next tuition ten minutes before time! But whenever I reach the tuition, it’s already fifteen minutes past five thirty!’
Obviously, it is not the kid’s mistake that the teacher’s clock is fifteen minutes fast! But he takes it all! And that too with such an amazing spirit! And this is what I learnt from him:
Whenever he does not agree with a particular something, spontaneously his hands, arrange themselves on the side of his head and flicks them as if letting off all d disagreeable things to go away from him! And oh yes! I have picked up that habit! Makes me feel a lot relaxed!
It’s just that we don’t notice, but kids teach us a lot. Just a bit of careful observation and you have discovered a new way to live life!

We all have been through that phase of life; we all have had different ways to handle different situations. But why is it that we have forgotten those tactics to live? The ways we used to let go off all the worries and only think about the solution and not the problem?

After reading this post, be sure to look for something in every kid that would make LIFE an easier question to you all!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

A lady is rushed into the labor room at the hospital. She is shouting in pain. The labour pain is getting unbearable for her. The doctors are rushed to her room. They begin the process of delivering the baby. After a lot of shouting, screaming and excruciating pain is a hush with a new life! She is now a mother, one of the million mothers who are experiencing the same pain and the emotions at the same moment.      
 The woman, now mother, opens her eyes as the doctors cut of the umbilical cord and has a brief glance and smile at her crying child! And then she loses consciousness. She is, without doubt, the happiest woman in that place! As the mother is out of the delivery room, she is relieved after 9 months of her pregnancy! Everyone is congratulating her. The next morning as the woman wakes up, the 1st person she wants to see is her child!
 She gave birth to you; she is the one, who picked you up when you fell, the one who scolded who when you committed a mistake, the one who waits every evening for you to come home, the one who shed tears of happiness when you graduated.
She is your Mother. These are selfless deeds done by our Mothers for which she expects no returns but only infinite love from us.
So, wish your mom, from all you heart and shower her with all the love she deserves!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Time Travel

I guess almost everyone wonders if they could time travel. This is one place, not practically, which will make you feel like you were in a time you always wanted to be. 
From the time you were in the hospital, being delivered by the doctors, you cry out loud, the first time you saw the world, the time your mother kissed your forehead, your first day of school, the first time your teacher punished you, you got into a tussle with a boy or girl in your class, your 10th Grade Farewell, your first day at college, the first time you fell in love, your first kiss, your first graduation ceremony, your first job and the many impediments that came into your life until today, the place where you stand, the time when you live in the present, exists. Try reliving your past to the best here, 'cause there is a moral in every simple incidence of your past. There is a whole new world BACK there if you observe!